Open Houses – It’s Springtime!

Oooooooooo K L A H O M A where the rain comes at any given time. Where the clouds roll in… and keeps the sun from shinin… and the buyers stay warm cuz their inside.

Not bad if you know the tune, but now it’s SPRINGTIME in Oklahoma. With Spring means OPEN HOUSES and we try to do a bang up job at Coldwell Banker Select. It is important to make sure that you enter in your Open Houses into IQOffice. You may be wondering why….well, here’s why:
  1. Your open houses will show up on and
  2. We use this information for our Open House ads in the newspaper.
  3. The open house information will be sent to and
  4. Your open house can be searched and mapped on the mobile website.
  5. The HomeFacts message will announce when the open house will be.
And… it happens automatically as long as you enter the information into IQOffice. Even if you miss the newspaper deadline, all the other things happen. Now that’s efficient. So, the weather outside is nicer, warmer and maybe a little more predictable (OK, maybe not). The buyers are definitely out and more active. So it’s time to start holding homes open to get more contracts. Remember, the things that you do today to generate activity will lead to closings in the future. If you do nothing today then….. well, we won’t let that happen.

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