Generate over 50 Transactions Per Year

The concepts of selling real estate, in any market, are simple to understand and are proven over time to work. Technology has allowed us to execute these concepts quicker, cheaper and easier than ever. It still takes discipline in your business and consistency to truly see the long-term benefits, and that is HARD!

Here is a concept that will generate a tremendous amount of business for you:

Step 1 – Identify and Schedule (Time – approx. 2 hours):

Go through your database and identify the Top 50 people you believe would give you a referral (buyer or seller) in the next 12 months. Get out your calendar and schedule a personal “touch” to each of these people on your list once a month for the next 12 months.

Step 2 – Call and Log to Top Producer (Time – approx. 4 ½ hours):

Capture the details of your call in Top Producer making sure to schedule the next months call right after you hang up. The content of the call doesn’t always have to be “salesy”, but a way to stay in touch with our people.

Step 3 – From Your Friends (Time – 15 mins, cost $45 per month):

Utilize our exclusive From Your Friends mailing program to mail a monthly “offering” to all of your Top 50, every month. This is providing value to them that is memorable.

Step 4 – Ask for the Business:

After you’ve had several touches with the contact, ask if you can “count on them for at least one referral this year”. Get them engaged in your business. Let them know that you will give the very best real estate experience to anyone the send to you.

Step 5 – Verify and Adjust:

Keep track of who send you referrals. If someone in your Top 50 doesn’t, replace them with someone else. Still stay in touch with them, just adjust to focus on those that end you the business.


The ideas for this post came from an article I read in RISMedia’s Real Estate magazine and was written by Terri Murphy.  Here is a link to the article.

Ninja Selling

Ninja Selling Logo

At Coldwell Banker Select, we brought renowned Ninja Selling instructor Peter Parnegg to Tulsa in October to teach Ninja Selling to our agents.  We had about 115 attendees and those agents are crushing it.  Sooo…….

We brought Peter back to teach Ninja Selling to those agents that couldn’t make it or were just too busy in October to attend.  This round, we have 85 agents that are learning the skills necessary to be a “Highly Trained NINJA”.  Congratulations to ALL who have graduated from an installation.  We are super excited to see what your business does in 2016 and beyond.

Here are a few of the stats the Peter recommends that everyone, who is serious about the business, knows off the top of their head when a client asks:

  • Population of Tulsa Area – 961,561 in Greater Tulsa Area (including Broken Arrow, Owasso, Jenks, Bixby, etc…)
  • Active Single Family Residences on the market in the 5-County MSA (Tulsa, Rogers, Creek, Wagoner, & Osage counties) – 3,897 Listings
  • Listings Sold in 2015 in the same 5-County MSA – 12,586 Listings Sold.
  • Population of the OKC Metropolitan Area – 1,252,987
  • Active Single Family Residences on the market in the Larger OKC Area – 5,978 (approx.)
  • Listings Sold in 2015- 21,031 Listings Sold


So there you go!  And I’ll leave you with what others try to do , who “think” they are Ninja’s, but haven’t been trained by Peter.



Remember, your feedback is ALWAYS welcome below.  Haiyah!!


BlueView 3D Experience

So, you may have heard me talk in the sales meetings about the BlueView 3D Experience that you can order for your listings.  Well, what is that exactly!???!???  In layman’s terms (if there is such a thing on this topic), it’s a 3D scan of your listing that enables a buyer to virtually walk through the home as if they were there.

The BlueView 3D Experience truly gives a potential buyer an virtual tour like no other.  Included with a BlueView 3D Experience is a top down floor plan of the home that looks like this:

BlueView Demo Floorplan

You also get what is called the “Dollhouse” view which makes the floorplan a 3D model and rotates it for that 3D feel.  It looks like this:

BlueView Demo Dollhouse

But, the WOW factor comes when they “dive” into the home and get to walk through it…….virtually.  Here’s what it looks like:

Click HERE to walk-through this home!!

Now, some of you may be thinking, “That’s Fantastic!!!  How do I get that on my listing???”  Well, I thought you’d never ask.  Here is a link to the BlueView 3D info and order form.  (Click Here for the forms)  Just fill it out and email it to and we will contact you to setup a scan of your listing.

After the scan is done, I’ll send you an email with the links to post to Facebook to pump up the exposure on your listing.  We also send out an email to all of the CB Select agents every week with the BlueView 3D Properties of the week.

Let me know if you have any questions.







Tip of the Week – Printing Flyers in IQOffice


Need a quick flyer for your listing? How about a flyer on another agents listing that you are holding open this weekend?

Check out the video above to see how to easily print out a flyer with your contact information on it.  All you need is an IQOffice login and an MLS Number.  We are always updating the templates in IQOffice, so let me know your feedback.

Tip of the Week – Mapping properties correctly


Have you ever had an issue with the way a listing maps on CBTulsa, Zillow or Trulia?

The video above explains how you can quickly change the mapping of a property in IQOffice and get the latitude and longitude coordinates of where you mapped it.  You can then send these coordinates to the help desk of Zillow and Trulia so they can map the property correctly.  It’s really easy and fast.

Take a look and let me know what you think.

Tip of the Week – How to look GREAT on Zillow


Did you know that you can add your past buyer and seller sales in Zillow?  Well you can!  It even makes you look really good to someone who is searching for an experienced agent to do business with.  Zillow has made it easy and you can add these sales in 3 easy steps:

Step 1:  Login in to Zillow, go to your Profile Page and click on the “Past Sales” link on the menu bar.

Step 2:  Type in the address, city and state of the property you represented and click “Find Homes”.

Step 3:  Edit the date sold, the sale price and side you represented, and click “Add to Profile”.

You can always go back in and edit the information at any time.

If you put your past sales in, they will show up by your name as “Recent Sales”.  This is hugely important for a lot of people who are looking for a top quality agent on Zillow to represent them.