Incredible Potential – the iPad

OK, I finally was given the opportunity to get my hands on one of the new Apple iPad’s. All I can say is “WOW”! This thing is the real deal. It doesn’t take long before you are tapping, typing, drawing, surfing, reading, watching, etc… like a pro. Alot of people say, “well all it is is an iTouch, only bigger”. That maybe true to some degree, but where the iTouch, and even the iPhone are lacking is the screen size.

I’m so excited about the opportunitites that this tool has for our industry, I am already thinking a million miles an hour.

So here’s what I want you to do… sit back, close your eyes (after you’ve read this), and imagine with me. Imagine a world where all you need to do your real estate is your iPad. Imagine your calendar reminding you that you have a listing presentation. Imagine walking into the sellers house and being able to “hand-write” your notes about the property on your iPad. Imagine quickly opening your listing presentation on your iPad and “flipping” through all that you and Coldwell Banker Select have to offer. Imagine being able to present the listing documents that you can fill-in right on iPad. Imagine closing the deal and having your seller’s sign the documents on your iPad and you emailing them a copy of it right then and there. Imagine those documents being copied to your office admin for processing. Imagine the full-color photos of the properties that you can show your buyers at the tips of your fingers.

Imagine, just imagine the potential.

Is all of that possible right now, NO, but will it be in the future…You Bet.

So, as I try to get this thing figured out, stay tuned.