Who’s looking for you?

Everyday I get phone calls from agents that ask a wide range of questions. Some of them are easy for me to answer, some I have to do some research, and others I have to refer to someone who knows more than me about the subject. Well today I get to ask a couple of questions to you….

(1) Have you ever wondered who is viewing your profile pages? (2) Ever wonder how many people really want to know more about you and your ability to sell real estate? (3) Are you doing anything to set yourself apart from other agents?

Here are the answers that you might have thought in your mind (Not really, Nope, What are you talking about), respectively of course. The answers that you should be thinking are: (1) Heck yeah, but how do I get that info, (2) Yes, but how, and (3) I sure want to.

Perfect, now I can work with that. So here are the numbers…Last month on CBTulsa.com over 48,800 profile pages were looked at, so far this month the number is over 42,000 and we still have 2 weeks to go. Year-to-date there have been over 130,000 profile pages viewed on CBTulsa.com. Those are real numbers and they are really big.

My recommendation is to go to CBTulsa.com and go to your profile page. Do you like it? Does it tell the world what you want them to know about you and your real estate expertise? Now, go look at some other profile pages. I know, I know, but humor me, it really only takes a few minutes. Notice any differences, any SIMILARITIES to yours? The good news is you can change what you see, if you want through IQOffice. Simply login and go to “User Management”, then “My Profile” on the bottom of the left menu. There will be a box that you can type in and change what you want it to say to show on your profile page. You can modify the color, size, and layout with the tools provided.

Take the positives from the profile pages you’ve seen and incorporate them into yours. Tell Your Story. Impress me by sending me an email with the link to it for feedback.

Good Luck and Go Get ’em!

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