Do you need some Margin?

In all aspects of our life, we need to have “Margin”. Margin looks and feels different for every person, but it is needed. Margin is what keeps us from having the engines burn out, the plane dive and start into a flat spin that we can’t pull out of. What does margin look like?

In your real estate life, margin may be the time you set aside to learn something you don’t know how to do to make you better. It may be going to a conference and be motivated or inspired. It may simply be having coffee with a past client.

In your personal life, margin may be the time you spend at the lake just “chillin”. It may taking a walk with you son or daughter, playing with your grand kids, taking a long-needed trip, or simply dressing up and going on a date with your spouse.

There are lots of other areas of our lives that we need margin. It is critical.

So for Memorial, take some time to have some Margin in every aspect of your life. Rejuvinate, get inspired, spend time with those you love, and come back ready to take on the world.