The Annonymous Client

Have you ever wondered why so many people (into the 90 percentile) who are looking for homes, use the internet? Especially when they can utilize a Realtor and have us do most of the work for them? Crazy isn’t it. Well, we’re salespeople, and one of the stereotypes of a “salesperson” is high pressure sales. Most of us have experieinced it. Some of us like being in that environment, we know how to handle it and navigate our way through it, but most people don’t like it at all. They would rather have the “I’m just looking” approach and then if they have any question, they contact you. Which brings me to… (Dum Dum Duummmmmmmm) – The Internet Lead.

When someone’s looking for homes on the internet, which almost everyone is, they remain anonymous, until they need a question answered. Once they ask a question, we have an opportunity to shine to that potential client. We may not know their financial situation, their motivation for buying, how long they’ve been in the market, or when or if they actually plan on buying, but as professionals, part of our job is to provide information to every possible buyer in the market for our listings. The question is this, if you were in a store “just looking” and had a question about a product that you were thinking of buying and yelled “Can somebody help me? I’ve got a question.” and no one responded, would you move on to the next store where they possibly have a similar product? Would you be frustrated? What if someone heard you and said, “I can help, but I’ll get to you in an hour.” How would you feel then?

What if someone came right up and said, “I can help you with that, answer any questions you may have, AND if you’re interested in anything else in this store or any other, I know all about that as well.” Now how would that make you feel? Would you be more willing to work with that person? I know I would. If that’s how we feel over an item that’s $20 – $100 dollars, then how much more would we have those feelings with a $150,000 purchase.

So, I know Internet leads are tough, they come in at wierd times, and sometimes we don’t know what to say, so we just don’t do anything with them at all. PLEASE, Don’t do that. In a market that is slower than we are used to, it is imperative that we handle these leads different than we have in the past.

I would argue, JUST RESPOND. Answer their questions and follow it up with a question of your own, like “Did you know I can answer any question you may have on any home on the market?” If they like you, you’re in.

Just my thoughts. Please comment on this if you think I’m off base, or right on the money, or if you want some further help with what you might say to an Internet lead.