What’s in store for 2013?

I get asked all the time about “What’s the latest technology or marketing tool out in the market to help me have a better year in 2013?”.  With the speed that technology changes along with the habits of the public, that’s a VERY difficult question.  There are lots of great devices and software packages out there to use, you just have to take the time to learn them and understand how to apply it to your business.  BUT, the very best tool that a real estate agent can have in regards to technology is an “I’m not scared of that and I’m willing to try it” attitude.

Technology will change in the future! I’m certain of that.  The devices and individual items we either choose to use or not to use will come and go with the times, but our attitudes about how we handle this change is what’s important.  I remember when I started using the Motorola Q phone and I could actually get my email and surf the web (well, an 1/8th of a page at a time).  I got so used to navigating it that I resisted what was happening all around me.  Then, the perfect storm hit, my IT Director needed a replacement “Q”, so I gave him mine and I got an iPhone.  WOW! what a difference.  Not that I now, cant’ live without it, or even that it was life altering, but it allowed me to easily do things that were once difficult and time consuming.  Blogging on a mobile device is one example.

So I don’t think there are going to be any “out of the park” new devices that we can’t live without in 2013, but I think more and more people will have that “Ahh – Haa” moment in 2013 that will get them thinking about technology in a different light.  I also thing that there is no 1 expert in all things tech.  You will see more idea sharing and discussion training in real estate in 2013 than ever before.  For example, it doesn’t do an agent any good (except to impress your client) to do a transaction completely paperless, when the agent on the other end of the transaction doesn’t know how to handle and communicate what to do on their end.  So bringing up the level of use of technology is important for all agents to make your life easier.  So if you know how to use technology in a specific way and rock at it, comment below and we can see about setting up a class for you to teach.

Other than that, comment below and let me know what you want me to help you with this year regarding technology.  I’m still learning too, so let’s make 2013 exciting!