Mapping Your Property on CB Select Websites

Have you ever been camping and gone on a hike only to realize that 30 minutes along your trek, you don’t have a clue where you are? Boy can that be unnerving. Thank goodness for the trusty Boy Scout compass, or better yet, one of those cool GPS units with the color topography maps and satellite tracking. Oh Yeah!

When it comes to mapping your properties on real estate websites, sometimes you get the feeling of being lost, and so does the public. Not anymore on or As the listing agent, you can access the map loaction of your listing, through IQOffice, and set the actual location of your listing on the map so that it shows on and correctly. Gotta love technology.

Here’s what you do.

  1. Login to IQOffice
  2. Go to “Listings Management”, “For Sale”, then “Residential”.
  3. Click on the listing you want to change the map location of.
  4. Click on the “Map” tab across the top.
  5. Use the map to zoom in/out to find the correct location.
  6. “Right Click” on the map where you want the new location to be. When you do this, the push pin will show up in the new location.
  7. Click Save at the bottom of the screen.
  8. Go have lunch, you’ve worked hard for the day.

Hope this helps. Remember, most of the time, the location will be correct. It really only comes into play if it is a new subdivision, vacant land, or a rural property.

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