Tip of the Week – Coaching


Coaching is a great way to increase your business year over year.  We’ve seen some tremendous results from those agents that commit to a coaching program and stick with it throughout the year.  Coaching can come in a variety of forms, but look generally like this:

  • Meeting with coach on some regular basis (monthly or bi-weekly)
  • Go over the items that you committed to doing the previous time you met.
  • Talk about the results of those activities. What worked, what didn’t and what to improve on.
  • Discuss different ideas on how to increase your business. Your managers are REALLY good at this.
  • Help track your results toward your business goals.
  • Talk about life and things that you need to do to create balance.

See, it’s really not all that bad.  AND, we won’t use the word “accountability” either. 😉  It’s coaching!

One thought on “Tip of the Week – Coaching

  1. Thanks Bryan,
    I am going to try to add 4 past sales to my Zillow. Can I, in the same manner, add 2 commercial listings?
    Roger McClure

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