Tool Time!

So, I’m back to Tool Time. Last week I posted about Profile Pages and the response was great. What I’ve discovered is the need is greater now than it has ever been to help you all with the tools that are available to you at CB Select, so I ‘m back at it.  I hope that you will take my tips, tricks and ideas with a grain of salt and apply the one’s that you see fitting into your business.

At Coldwell Banker Select, we offer more tools, marketing, and technology than any other company that I’ve come across.  That is fine and well, but one of the glaring issues that we face is helping agents implement the tools we offer into their business through example and training.  Sooooo, that’s where I’m going to be focusing a large part of my time and effort.  I want to make sure that you know about and understand how to use the tools available to you to help you grow your business.

The first tool I want to talk about is HomeFacts.  As many of you know, this is a call capturing tool that allows you to be texted the caller ID information whenever a potential buyer calls in and inquires about your listing.  It’s fast, responsive and can put you in front of more buyers, as well as be an incredible tool if demonstrated in a listing presentation.

One of the downsides to this automated system is, “it’s automated”.  That means there is a very robotic voice that will greet every caller, unless you change the message. I know a lot of agents don’t know how to change the message so I am including a link to the instructions on how to do that:

In these instructions are a sample script of what you can say about your listing.  I recommend that you write it out and get it just the way you want and then when you record, simply read the script.  That way you don’t waste hours trying to “get it just right”.

Oh the other thing, for those of you who “hate” your voice… do talk to people don’t you? Trust me, your sellers and potential buyers want to hear your voice.  When they press “1” to be connected to you, they want to get the same person that was telling them about their dream home.  It brings legitimacy to it.  So don’t worry about your voice, just do the recordings.

Another tip on recordings is to plug your website.  You have a captive audience at that moment and I would let them know that they can “go to my website and see the photos of this listing or any other listing on the market.”  Why not, it’s your system.

I do get asked a lot about whether or not to put the price on recording.  I have some great options for you in the example script that you can use.  So give it a shot and let me know how it works.  Remember, the most important thing regarding HomeFacts is follow-up.  Just reach out and say “Hi, How may I help you?”

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