I met with the CEO of Trulia – Pete Flint

So today I had the opportunity to have lunch with the Founder and CEO of Trulia.com, Pete Flint.  First off, what a great guy.  I thoroughly enjoyed meeting him and talking to him about how Trulia came about and what’s in store.  It was pretty cool when they asked me about what they could do for our agents to make Trulia better and to serve our agents better. (Yes, I did take the opportunity, if you’re wondering).  We talked about data integrity, leads, agent support, strategies to help drive more leads to agents, training, and promotion of Trulia products that help agents do more business and that are FREE.  If you know me, I am a big fan of FREE.

So, many of you don’t know about the Trulia Agents App for the iPhone. It’s really slick (download it at the app store).  You can see all of your leads that your listings generate off of Trulia without having to worry about whether or not you “accidentally” deleted the lead email that was sent to you. We all know that many of the emails look the same and it’s easy to delete a legit lead. You can also “Check-in” to a property that you have toured and share the information with a buyer that you may be working with.  Here’s what Trulia has to say about it from their BLOG.

“Trulia for Agents also pushes immediate lead notifications to the iPhone, helping agents respond quickly to consumer inquiries.  Agents can also access all of their leads, store their client list and add new contacts while hosting an open house.Also included in the app is a quick property lookup that lets agents find nearby listings and instantly share homes that fit clients’ needs.  They can also share other neighborhood details including open home times, driving directions, nearby restaurants, grocery stores and more.”

So go download the App and use it.  You will do more business with it.

2 thoughts on “I met with the CEO of Trulia – Pete Flint

  1. Hi Bryan,Great to meet you and congrats on all your success – really impressed with what you and the team are up to and enjoyed the conversation!Looking forward to keeping in touch.Speak soonPete

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