RREIN Newsletters

I just received my latest issue of the “Home Matters” e-newsletter from about 10 different agents that have me on their COI list. It was great, and the best part about it was, I didn’t have to do anything and neither did the agents. How cool is that? The newsletter provided me great information on Interior Design, Home Staging, Prepping my home to sell in the Fall, the short sale process explained, and access to all the listings for sale in our MLS. Oh, and all I have to do to contact the agent that sent me the email is either click on their email, or pick up the phone and call them. The information and picture of the agent is right there in front of me.

Did you know that I have a really hard time coming up with good information for my BLOG. Why don’t I just take some of this information from the RREIN newsletter and repost it to my BLOG? I don’t know. Sounds like a pretty good idea. Where are you getting your content from??? 😉

So, if you don’t have your contacts loaded into IQOffice, get on it. They automatically feed to the RREIN system and your contacts get the monthly email newsletter from YOU. Make sure you add yourself to your list so you know what they are getting.

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